04 December 2012

National Academy of Engineering Recognizes AguaClara

The National Academy of Engineering released a report on November 13 titled Infusing Real World Experiences into Engineering Education. The report "showcases 29 engineering programs at colleges and universities across the United States that effectively incorporate real world experiences into their curriculum and highlights best practices for schools seeking to create new programs". CEE's AguaClara program is featured on page 32.

The following is an excerpt from the Preface written by Charles M. Vest, NAE President:

The aim of this report is to encourage enhanced richness and relevance of the undergraduate engineering education experience, and thus produce better-prepared and more globally competitive graduates, by providing practical guidance for incorporating real world experience in US engineering programs. 


We are excited about the potential of this report to promote awareness and adoption of programs that incorporate real world experiences in engineering education. We believe the report will be useful to both academic and industry professionals interested in engaging and better preparing engineering students for the workplace and for competition in the global economy.

AguaClara was recognized as one of 29 programs that give students the skills to define the forefront of modern science. The hands-on, real world experience AguaClara students and partners have embarked on together has lead to the first feasible municipal-scale water treatment solutions for small communities, bringing clean water to tens of thousands of people who would not have had it before. We are producing the best critical thinkers, designers, and researchers. We are producing talent capable of challenging conventional engineering approaches to solving problems. Our alumni have the skills to change the face of industry.

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