28 October 2012

When Cornell tells its story about Public Engagement

Friday evening I was a guest along with two AguaClara team leaders at the Cornell board of trustees dinner. The dinner was a celebration of the Morrill Act that established Cornell as a land grant university. The celebration included a video that connects the Morrill Act with the modern vision for Cornell University as a publicly engaged institution.

When Cornell tells its story about Public Engagement it features AguaClara with images from Honduras. AguaClara was also featured in the artwork created to celebrate the Morrill Act with safe drinking water connected to Central America. The Cornell mission of being the land grant university for the world was again emphasized with Cornell's renewed focus on public engagement as woven into our DNA . 

The new AguaClara demonstration plant drew a good deal of attention from the dinner guests and there is strong pride that Cornell is engaging with global needs. I also had an opportunity to speak with Provost Kent Fuchs. Cornell has an ongoing connection with Tata in India. Tata has expressed interest in connecting with AguaClara and so there will be future conversations about how that relationship might evolve. Kent was surprised to learn that AguaClara is already connecting with the water sector in India and would have liked to have known that sooner.

These are exciting days. Thanks for all that you do to bring safe drinking water to planet earth.

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