27 May 2012

AguaClara plant at Atima, Santa Barbara is producing clean water!

The Atima plant is AguaClara's 8th plant and the 7th Honduran town to have clean water from Cornell AguaClara technologies. Antonio Elvir announced the successful results of the inaugural run yesterday.
"Con mucha alegria y satisfacion les informo que la planta en Atima esta funcionanando muy bien, las primeras pruebas fueron exitosas. Desde ayer (Thursday, May 25) a la 1: esta en funcion y la NTU es constante entre 40 y 60 ya que no ha llovido y saliendo menos de 3. Me imagino que las mejoras al diseƱo estan funcionando."

Atima plant under construction, April 20, 2012. This 15 L/s plant begin operation on May 25, 2012. The flocculator channels are in the foreground and the 5 sedimentation tanks are in the middle of the photo.
"With much happiness and satisfaction I report that the Atima plant is performing very well and the first tests were a success. Since yesterday (Thursday, may 25) at 1 pm the plant is online. The raw water turbidity is between 40 and 60 NTU because it hasn't been raining. The effluent turbidity is less than 3 NTU. It seems to me that the improvements to the design are functioning." - Antonio Elvir

30,000 people now receive safe clean drinking water from AguaClara plants!

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