27 May 2012

AguaClara plant at Alauca turns chocolate into pure water

We knew that the water supply in Alauca was terribly contaminated. We now have the evidence. This is why CARE international knew that simply providing access to water wasn't enough. Can you imagine managing a household and attempting to keep your children healthy with the water on the left?
Water on the left was raw water coming into the AguaClara facility. Water on the right is the safe water produced by the plant.

I've been reflecting that the experts in the development world are often unaware of water quality and the incredible impact that poor water quality has on health and on a community's outlook. Of course, hand washing and sanitation are important. AND safe drinking water is essential. Safe, clear drinking water brings pride to women and to the entire community.

Support AguaClara and help us develop the technologies and the capability to spread sustainable AguaClara plants to more communities!

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