24 January 2015

Inauguration in Jesús de Otoro

January 21st, 2015 was the inauguration of the AguaClara treatment plant in Jesús de Otoro, Intibucá, Honduras. Now having operated for 2 months, the water treatment plant is part of a larger development project in the town that has also improved the sewer system and roads. These parts of the project were also inaugurated along with the plant. The entire project was funded by  the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE) as well as the municipal government of Jesús de Otoro. COSUDE works on development issues throughout Central America and has previously assisted in the funding of AguaClara plants in Alauca, San Nicolás, and Morocelí. They will soon be funding a future AguaClara plant in San Matías in the department of El Paraíso.
A representative of COSUDE addressing the audience at the town center to formally inaugurate the Jesús de Otoro project
During the morning of the inauguration, representatives from all involved parties met at the town center for a celebration. The successes of the project were announced and a local high school band showed their own prowess, playing songs to celebrate the improvement of their town's infrastructure.
APP Civil Engineer Santiago Garcia (center, purple) explaining the treatment processes in the Jesús de Otoro plant
In the afternoon, everyone toured the new roads before making their way up to the AguaClara plant, where Agua Para el Pueblo Civil Engineer Santiago Garcia led a brief tour of the water treatment processes used there. The plant was packed with supervisors of the different aspects of the project, members of the local water boards, and representatives from COSUDE. Santiago and one of the plant operators, Carlos Maldonado, answered a whirlwind of questions over the sound of water exiting the plant before the procession quickly returned to the town center. It was a long day for everyone at APP and in Jesús de Otoro, but we are more proud than ever to say we are helping to supply the people of Jesús de Otoro with clean water 24 hours a day!

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