22 September 2011

Intel Environment Tech Award

The tens of thousands of people who didn’t have clean water to cook or bathe in Honduras now have safe, usable water today.

- Ann Bowers, Tech Museum Board of Directors Chairwoman

We are pleased to announce that AguaClara has been recognized as a 2011 Intel Environment Tech Award Laureate. Since 2001, The Tech Awards program has aimed to "inspire global engagement in applying technology to humanity's most pressing problems by recognizing individuals, organizations, and companies that use innovative technology solutions." In a press release, the Award's sponsors cited AguaClara's gravity-powered municipal water treatment plants as "reliable, affordable, and scaled to the community" solutions that bring "daily [water] service to 20,000 people."

Congratulations to AguaClara's implementation partners, sponsors, and the student team members who have brought the project this far, and we look forward to using the Tech Award recognition program to help achieve our vision of safe, affordable drinking water access for all.

Tech Awards Press Release | AguaClara Technology Page

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Wow, congratulations. Good work always pays you. Pure water is problem in all the rural areas, such inventions always come handy.